Quotes from some of my wonderful clients

“I’ve been tracking the results of my investing in consulting/coaching sessions with Carolyn. I’m thrilled to report that my billing is up 30% since I started working with her.”

“For example, recently I took her advice on a billing issue. I told her what I was happily planning to charge on an assignment for an existing client. She advised me that for the value of what I was providing, raising my fee by 25% was both fair to the client and more closely reflected the value of what I was providing. So I went ahead and put in the fee she suggested. I discovered that not only did the client have no resistance what-so-ever to the price she suggested, they paid me even faster than normal because they were so pleased!”

“By implementing her web strategy suggestions I have gotten calls and jobs from people I never knew about.”

“Hiring a consultant is not a cost–it’s an investment in your business that really pays off!!”

“And I don’t want to forget to mention… she’s FUN to work with!”

Jon Silla
former President APA Charlotte, NC
current VP- APA National Board member


“Since I started working with Carolyn in the 2nd quarter of 2004, my year-to-date billings are TRIPLE what they were before she started helping me with branding, marketing and strategic planning. I’ve gotten a tremendous return on my consulting investment.”

Mark Segal
SkyPan International
Chicago, IL


“Steve and I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn last year. Although my background is in Marketing, I was unfamiliar with how to market in the photography world and Carolyn was able to provide me with the insights and direction to get started. She was also great in assisting us with our image selection for our portfolio and I loved that I could call her at a moment’s notice for guidance on bidding jobs, images for contest entries, general questions, etc. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who needs assistance with their branding, understanding PR and marketing and it’s role in the photography world and portfolio building.”

Betsy Klein
Steve Anderson Photography


“Carolyn has the combination of marketing knowledge along with a creative eye; she has both experience and aesthetics… that’s really unique. Other advisors don’t have either the years in the business or the eye; we’re all creatives and need someone like that to help us market to other creatives.”

Ilinka Novakovic
Marketing Development Partner
at Steve Ewert Photography, Chicago


“Regarding my portfolio review session: Carolyn found the thread of connection among my strongest images and was able to confirm my hopes of a relevant and cohesive vision for Art Directors to respond to!”

Mitchell Kearney
Charlotte, NC


Working with Carolyn over the past year as allowed me to really polish my presentation and focus on my strengths. Her advice has allowed me to let go of images that I actually wasn’t that thrilled about but had kept in my book as evidence I could shoot that subject matter.

It’s been a great confidence builder to have someone like her to bounce things off of. Having the advice of someone who’s so experienced in knowing what clients are looking for –and what they’re buying–is really helpful. It also helps to quell the questions I might have before putting something new out there. And finally, she’s saved me time. While I’ve been keeping up with the all digital imaging changes of the last 5 years, it’s been great to have someone who’s been able to bring me up-to-speed as far as 21st century digital marketing goes. “

Kansas City, MO

“Your evaluation of the current state of the business is right on target, and provided a base for our decisions about my images and the direction my presentation should take. I’ve come away with more clarity and enthusiasm about my work than I’ve had in years… which was immediately reinforced by my first client portfolio showing following our getting together!”

Curtis Kulp
Chicago, IL

“I just wanted to let you know how much some of your articles have helped me. Sometimes I equate my position as an emerging photographer as being in a pitch black room and trying to find the light switch. It’s so very hard sometimes!”

“So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you! The few articles I have gotten to read have been very informative. And so easy too!”


Christopher P.
New York, NY