I want to see you be successful in the photo industry.  

So how do we get there?

I want to make sure I’m able to offer you exactly what your photography business needs. To schedule a free, 20-minute, no obligation “vibe check,” call (312) 560-6400. In our call we’ll see if I can help you get what you need to succeed.

Here are some of the services I provide for my consulting clients:

1. Marketing Strategy

If you want to know:

– Who is your target market?

– Are your emails getting read? If not, why not?

– Are you social media efforts effective?

– How to do better with pricing and negotiations?

What we’ll be doing:

– Identifying your target market

– Creating streamlined and attention-grabbing emails

– Creating effective social media efforts–ones that aren’t a time-suck.

– Developing pricing and negotiation skills.

2. Photo Editing

Questions that we’ll addresses:

– Is your website or portfolio cohesive and impressive?

– Which images work best to appeal to your target audience?

What we’ll be doing:

-Creating a cohesive and impressive website or portfolio

-Narrowing an immense library of your photos

-Identifying appealing images for your target audience)

3. Copywriting

Do you have these questions when promoting yourself?

 – What is the best way to represent yourself?

–  Does your “About” page show your most important assets and experience?

–  Are your promotional products attention-grabbing and relevant?

What we’ll be doing:

– Develop an easy-to-do  plan to show you how you can become your own best sales rep.

– Edit your “About” page or bio to show most important assets and experience

– Develop relevant and appealing promotional products

Don’t forget to schedule your free, 20-minue, no obligation “vibe check,” call (312) 560-6400. In our call we’ll see if I can help you get what you need to succeed.

Let’s get started on the journey towards a successful business with more projects, more pay, and more passion.

I’m also available as a workshop instructor and speaker.  Check out my “Events” page for more info about my previous talks and workshops.  My most popular speaking topics include: marketing strategy, “going pro”, tools to make it in the photography world, and many more.  If you are interested in hosting me at an event or seminar, please don’t hesitate to contact me.