When looking at your portfolio or web site, art buyers won’t tell you what they really think… but as a photo consultant who wants to give you the info you really need, I can, and I will.

Do you want to know what kind of  first impression your prospective client has when they first visit your site? Are you unknowingly turning them off? What features will make them bookmark your site? What will get you referred to their colleagues? Are you leaving money on the table by a particular lack of site features?

[TIP: If you’re attending one of the live portfolio review events e.g. those held in NYC in Oct, read this article before you sit down in front of your reviewer!!]

In today’s world, there is rarely an opportunity for a photographer to find out if their book–or more likely, their web site–is missing the mark, and if so, how. Over the past 25 years, I’ve gotten to hear the real feedback from photo buyers–what they would not be comfortable revealing to the photographers themselves–so I know what they’re really thinking.

I usually always do portfolio/web reviews sessions on the day before, the morning of, and the day after one of my evening presentations. I always offer early-bird discounts. Refer to the Upcoming Events page for where I’m speaking next.

In a private consultation session, I’ll edit your book/or give you feedback on your web site based on who you think you’d like to work for. With deep experience in what sells and without any connection to the ‘back-story’ of the image, I’ll re-order and edit your current presentation for maximum impact. Discover why art buyers bookmark some sites and will never return to others.

Pricing and scheduling

As you weigh the decision to invest in a consulting session with me–or any other consultant– ask yourself how many jobs you might have lost because you showed the wrong images or presented them in the wrong way….

While I’d love to review all who request these valuable one-on-one review sessions, I’m limited to the number of sessions I can do per week. These sessions are reserved for those who are committed to investing in their career development.

FEE: When scheduled in conjunction with one of my speaking events I offer several portfolio/web review discounts. The normal fee of $250 per 1 hr.  with a 2 hr. minimum, is suspended; i.e., you can book just one hour–and if you book using one of the early-bird discounts, you can save even more. One job will likely more than pay for your investment.

You can also get substantial discounts when you book your session in advance of an event.

For example, book a session up to 2 weeks before the event date: receive a 20% discount off the session fee. Book by 7 days before the event date: 10% discount. Book within 3 days before the event date: 5% discount. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card via PayPal. Call me directly at (312) 560-6400 for more info or to book a session.

What some past clients have had to say:

Whenever my business slows down, I, like many photographers am afraid that the last job I shot may well be my last. Even though I’ve had a successful photo business over 20 years, whenever I get that “uh-oh…” feeling, it’s always been hard for me to spend money – especially on marketing. When I finally got over my fear of spending ANY money when there wasn’t a lot on the horizon, I hired Carolyn to help me launch a new web site presence and implement some new online marketing strategies. I am happy to report that since I made that investment in consulting, I have picked up several new clients from her suggestions on a what should go on my new site and how to implement some related strategies …AND I’ve gotten back at least triple what I invested in working with her. I also know that this updated marketing plan and updated web presence will continue to be bring me even more new work and clients as time goes on.”
-Al MacDonald, www.foodphotostudio.com


“When I began working with Carolyn, I had my expectations for portfolio and website review. And I got that. But what really impacted my business, were the areas I wasn’t expecting. Carolyn coached me through my procrastination. She inspired more creativity. She helped me identify my brand. She helped me relinquish some control. In fact, she had to push me into some actions I felt would be down the road. As a result, I have added staff, that not only have allowed me to delegate certain tasks, but have resulted in brand new clients! Carolyn clarified my company’s direction. Now, I am farther down the road!”

Darryl Bernstein www.bernsteinproductions.com


“Carolyn has a positively encyclopedic breadth and depth of knowledge and information about the photo industry.”

-William Curtis Rolf www.williamcurtisrolf.com