Orphan works just passed in the Senate. Stop it in the House!

The following alert was sent to ASMP members over the weekend.

I urge all of you, ASMP member or not, who have not yet contacted your
Representative to do so immediately.

If you’re not familiar with the history of the Orphan Works amendment
to the Copyright Act, you can read more about it by visiting

Time is of the essence. Please take action now!


As we feared, the Senate moved quickly on its Orphan Works bill. The
bill was approved on a voice vote.

That means that you should now focus all your effort on your
As you know, other industries are lobbying hard,
right now, to persuade the House to adopt the language of the Senate
bill. This would not be good for photographers.

Please e-mail or call your Representative today and ask him or her to
oppose the adoption of S. 2913 or its language in the House.
You can
find the name and contact information for your Representative at
The list contains telephone numbers and links to send electronic
communications to your Representative.

You can find a letter that you can copy, paste, edit and send to your
Representative, at

Please feel free to change the wording as you wish.

If you prefer to telephone, your message is simple: Please oppose any
efforts to adopt S. 2913 or its language.

The time to act is now.