Rebooting Your Business Brain
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: 1601 E. 7th, Ste. 100 Austin, TX 78703
Description: ASMP Austin / San Antonio presents:

“Rebooting Your Business Brain”

Come to this event and get the latest info you need to stay in the game with your online promotional strategies.

21st-century marketing tips for photographers who weren’t born yesterday.

“Very practical info. I gained great insight about promotion.”
– David Verdini

“When in the trenches, you fail to notice simple, effective ways to market yourself. However, when someone with a broad perspective and deep understanding of the business points them out, you immediately recognize the value and necessity of using those strategies in a marketing plan.”
– John Perry

When the photo business switched from film to digital imagery, you dutifully spent every free hour learning Photoshop and setting up a new digital workflow. You barely had time left over for your family and friends. **There just weren’t enough hours left in the day to learn all that you need to know about marketing in the digital age.**

You’ve learned your digital imaging craft and tried to keep an optimistic attitude while royalty-free, micro-stock, and the world economy have eroded the size of the photo assignment pie.

Knowing how marketing has dramatically changed is the other key component to survival. Making the transition to an all-digital workflow is just one piece of today’s photo business. What else can you do?

What can you do **now** that will improve your chances of being one of the ones that’s left standing in the photo biz when this global economic gloom-and-doom period finally shakes out?

* How do you differentiate yourself from the rising tide of part-time photographers armed with high-res point-and-shoot cameras?

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“Very appropriate for ASMP and the nature of our business”
– Ellen Denuto, ASMP NJ vice-president

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This program will have door prizes valued at over $1,500 and is generously sponsored by: