I landed thousands of assignments for photographers during my 25+ year career as an artists representative. I repped top commercial photographers and illustrators in the U.S. and Europe. We worked with the creative departments at major ad agencies, design firms, and publishers all over the world. I’ve also created over 10,000 portfolio edits and created marketing plans that landed my artists some amazing assignments–ones they both wanted and truly deserved.

In 2004, I became a full-time creative consultant. I’ve braided together my interests in professional photography, design, technology, photo editing, and communication into a happily growing business as a photography marketing consultant.

I often work with seasoned pros who had precious little time to learn about digital marketing as they were busy completely retooling their photo businesses from a film to digital workflow.

I also work with emerging photographers who have deep digital tech and imaging skills, but who need to bring their sales and marketing skills up to the level of their digital skills.

In both cases, my clients are like-minded creative people who are interested in using the best of 21st-century communication tools to create meaningful and profitable careers.

I’ve guided photographers into creating new portfolios and where to find new markets. Having safely navigated through three previous economic recessions–each of which everyone was calling “the worst downturn ever!”–I’ve learned a bit about evolutionary necessity and business reinvention. Like many of my clients, I am excited by new and exciting opportunities for creative expression. Nothing inspires me more than talent combined with proactivity.